Saturday, September 30, 2006

u got tag 3 ...

suise khoo tagged me ...

the great music shuffle

he requirements:

1. Put your music player on shuffle
2. Press forward for each question

3. Use the song title as the answer to the question (but it seems you can insert lyrics from the song if you want lah... in addition to the if it's suitable, just go ahead lah)


1. How am i feeling today?

irish - ann murray - AMAZING GRACE

amazing grace , how sweet the sound , that saved a wretch like me

i once was lost , but now am found

was blind but now i see ...

comment : simply amazing ...

2. where do i want to get married ?

john lenon and paul mccartney - REVOLUTION

comment : no idea wat part of the lyrics it is and no idea where i am going to get married but i reckon when i do i am going to start a REVOLUTION ... woo hoo ... not bad eh ?

3. what is my best friend's theme song?

stacey kent - what the world needs


4. what was high school like ?

josh groban - u raise me up

comment : not too sure wat that song has to do with high school , but maybe for eddie it means something cos he got raised to a flag pole before ... hehehe

5. what is the best thing about me?

stacey kent - let yourself go

comment : let go of wat ...hmmm... how would i know wat is the best thing about me ... i am just me ...

6. how is today going to be?

Guang Liang - Tian Tang ( it means heaven or something like that i think)

Qian zhao ni zai tian kong fei xiang

Zhe yang kan shi jie bu yi yang

You le ni zai shen pang xiao de lian pang

comment : ummmm ... its going to be a good day ? ... hehehe

7. what is install for this week ?

the crosswinds - You are the answer

comment : the answer is above ...

8. what song describe my parents ?

stacey kent - i won't dance

comment : h ahaha i can so hear my dad saying it ... h eheheh

9, how is my life going ?

Diana Krall- let's fall in love

comment : okie dokes

10. what song will be played at my furneral ?

this is really good ...

natalie grant - finally hone

Where I can walk,
Where I can run,
Where my heart sings,
And I feel the sun,
Where I can trust,
And I'm strong enough,
Free like the wind,
I'll run into my Father's arms,
I'm finally home!

comment : ... i am home ...

11. how the world sees me ?

natalie grant - the real me

Foolish heart, looks like we're here again.
Same old game of plastic smile,
Don't let anybody in.
Hiding my heartache,
Will this glass house break?
How much will they take before I'm empty?
Do I let it show?
Does anybody know?

comment : i hav no idea wat to say ... actually the whole song is so true ... but is tat how the world sees me , me dun know ...

12. what do my frens really think of me ?

micheal buble - crazy thing call love

comment : goodness me ...

13. do people secretly lust after me?

avalon - testify to love

comment : this is getting really crazy ...

14. how can i make myself happy ?

stacey kent and tomlinson- so nice

comment : actually this is a very simple question and many of u know the answer already ... hehehe ...

15. what should i do with my life ?

stacey kent - when your lover is gone

comment : i think i need to get more songs in I-tunes ... hahaha

16. Will i ever have children ?

Celtic Irish - Lord of the Dance

comment : dancing , i guess the answer is yes ?

17. what is some good advice ?

luther vandross - dance with my father

If I could get another chance,
Another walk, another dance with him,
I'd play a song that would never never end
How I'd love love love...
To dance with my father again.

comment : i think jo had this song on her blog also ... love this song ... my dad dun dance ( the above question) but still love this song.

18. what do i think my current theme song is?

gallen lo - at the threshold of an era

comment : hey ... thats no my theme song ... cos i'm leaving , on a jet plane dun know when i;ll be back again ... or someeeeeeeeeewhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, over the rainbowwwwwwwwwwww ...

19. what does everyone think of my current life ?

faith hill - where are u christmas ?

comments : ummmm...

20. what type of style men do u like ?

stacey kent - under the blanket of blue ...

comments : did i mention i need more songs?

21. will you get married ?

neil diamond - sept morn

comments : so is that a yes or a no ?

22. what should i do with my love life ?

parachute - complete

comments : hmmm ...

23. where will u live?

geoff moore - if u could see wat i see

commets: this song is in the wrong place and wrong question ... bodoh la ...

24. what will your dying words be ?

neil diamond and barbara streisand - you don't bring me flowers anymore

comments: i doubt that will be my final words ...

25. when i am having sex i say ...

stacey kent - its autumn

comment: ummmmmm.... no comment

26. when i meet a guy/ lady for the first time , i say

stacy kent - isn't it a pity

comment : there goes my social life ... bye bye ... adios ...

27. when my parents are angry i say ..

save the last dance for me

comment : wats this post with dance and all ,

woo hoo ... i am done ...


ha ha

ha ha ha

ha ha ha ah

ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ah

ha ha ha

ha ha


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heart Song 2

they say ... not the "when you meet the love of your life" line ... but they say ...

if you don't have anything good to say , don;t say it at all ... and it is true ...

not too sure wat i am doing here really , got tons on my mind, tons to write but it is just not coming out from my silly brains to my hands to type.

do i have anything good to say , i am not too sure ,

do i have anything to say , YES , but at the same time i got nothing to say also ...

i don't know i am confused ... hehehe ...

shu yi asked me once ... JO do u have tears in your friendship ... ( after i sent her the onion sms) hehehe ...

it got me thinking for awhile ... and i guess yes there are, most of the time it would always be my fault ... or it would have something to do with wat i did wrong and all ... and most of the times the tears would have been caused by me, myself and i . and my own tears in the relationship and friendship is my own doing i reckon.

which would make me think , wat if i didn't do this, what if i didn't say this and that , what if i did this , what would happen , would things be the same , would it change ... wat if , wat if wat ...

so many "wat if " in life ... i bet u can think of one wat if right now eh ? i reckon if given time , u can think of more ...

i seem to always get myself into trouble one , and i would bury myself deep inside that trouble till i cannot find a way out. everything would seem so dark. and there seems to be no hope wat so ever ... and how ever hard i try to get out of it , it doesn;t seem to work, it doesn't seem to happen.

everything seem hopeless ...

so wat can we do with the wat if's ... well nothing much ... unless someone can come up with a way to travel back in time , build a time machine ... there is nothing much we can do about it .

i wish something could be donw, i wish things were different ... i can wish for a lots of stuff in life , but will i get what i wish for ...

i wish things were back to wat it was before, before all the mess ... i wish i could , i wish it would...

i pray that it would ...