Thursday, August 31, 2006

the post 3

" if i had to choose between betraying my own country and betraying my friend, i hope i have the guts to betray my county'

E. M. Foster

Saturday, August 26, 2006

the " Jo i am going to kill you" post

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i really have nothing better to do

time : 8:23

status : sick, tired, bored, hungry, and going mad ?

the plan : to do this ...
( got it from temme and meng yoe' punya blog)

1) never in my life have i : worked so hard to mend something

2) the last person i kicked was: the person who was holding the punching bag during kickboxing class a long
time ago

3) people who drive me nuts : are people who drive me nuts la ... wat else can i say ...

4) the school i go to is : The Great School for Bumps

5) when i am nervous : i cough a lot , wat i would call , a nervous cough

6) the last time i laughed: was when i got to meet so old pals during a fren's wedding

7) my hair is : ... oooh too short ...

8) when i was 5: i was running around barefooted around the kampung with frens and getting into trouble

9) i love eating : and drinking Ice Lemon Tea

10) when i turn my head to the right , i see : monkeys jumping up and down tress

11) when i close my eyes, i see: the light

12) when i look down, i see: fishes swimming below me

13) hello, i am : bored , or else i wouldn't be doing this

14) hello, i am not : not a nice person

15) i love : ... ( you tot i was going to say ice lemon tea right ?) ...

15) i love : everything , anything , everybody that comes in to my life and heart

16) i have a hard time understanding: why people are so hard-hearted, which includes me as well

17) one time at a family gathering: my cousin bullied me ( hey wait , i get bullied all the time, so it make no

18) you know beyonce:, she : is not as important to me as you are.

19) take my advice : always be willing to try, and try again even if it fail badly the first time. if you don't it
might just drive someone else nuts cos of ur unwillingness to try and give it a 2nd

20) my ideal breakfast : ice lemon tea and carrot cake :) ( had to put ice lemon tea somewhere in this post)

21) if you visit the place i grew up: you will fall in love with it , i am pretty sure of it

22) i would like to go to: the past , august 2005 and change things ( i wish i could)

23) hershey's are: really good ?

24) my cell phone : is one of my bestest fren

25) nokia: over rated and overly used

26) my fav person in MANHUNT: is that a show , or a game show ? never seen it , not have i heard of it ...

27) the animals i would love see fly besides birds: are the ones that cannot fly

28) last night : i cooked dinner

29) my birthday is : a long long time from now

30) tomorrow i am: going to wash the fish tank, feed the doggies , and wonder wat to do next ...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

the post 2

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail BETTER"
samuel beckett