Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You got tag 5

The Firsts and Lasts Taggy

10 Firsts--
First Best Friend > Fay Wee
First Screen name > Raccoon
First Pet Name > pet name as in my pet (as in the animal ?)= an inside joke , some would

First Piercing > forgot when ...
First Crush > Kindergarten , he is still a fren of mine till now ... : )
First CD > Shout to the Lord
First School > Wesley Kindergarten.
First Cries > I reckon it was about the second i got into this world
First Kiss > dun remember , most prob to my dad
First Car > yuppers , it was given to me ...

9 Lasts--
Last Time You Smoked > sometime this week ( do you believe me ? )
Last Food You Ate > Mom's cooking
Last Car Ride > last night with my dad ,
Last Movie You Watched > the guardian
Last Phone Call > to some one from Sing-Tel
Last Bubble Bath You Took > when i was a kid ?
Last Words You Said > ICE LEMON TEA

8 Have You Ever--
Dated A Best Friend > Yuppers
Been Arrested > Almost , in kampar
Been on TV > yeah , home video's mah
Eaten Sushi > Ya.
Cheated On Your B/F or G/F > Noppers
Been On A Blind Date > not just as yet
Been Out Of The Country > Ya.
Been In Love > Once.

7 Things You Are Wearing--

1 > T-shirt
2 > shorts
3 > -
4 > -
5 > -
6 > -
7 > -

6 Things You've Done Today--
1 > job hunt
2 > sent in CV
3 > fed the doggies
4 > was thinking of cleaning my room
5 > Drove around malacca looking for ideas
6 > updated the blog

5 Favorite Things --
1 > J CUBE and Devon
2 > cards , bookmarks , handmade little notes , letters
3 > my PC
4 > Handphone
5 > ICE LEMON TEA ( am wondering if this is a thing or not)

4 People You Most Trust--
1 > DAD
2 > MOM
3 > Bro
4 > Sis

3 Things You Want To Do Before You Die--
1 > just to sit by the beach , or on a mountian with ppl i love and care about and just talk
2 > to tell the ppl i love and care about that i love them
3 > i wouldn't ask for flowers

2 Choices--
Vanilla or Chocolate > Neither
Hugs or Kisses > two two also i wan

1 Person You Want To See Right Now--

Saturday, January 20, 2007

there is the black area

and there is

the white area
(it reads as , the white area )

and we also have the grey area

no more black and white
grey .
A blip

i had nothing better to do yesterday so senf out a few e-card for no good reason at all , sat down a read my dad's collection of Life magazine , did nothing productive ... : )

waited for a killer long time for my dad's fren to arrive in the bus station , drank coffee , couldn;t sleep till about 5 something this morning.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sappy LOVE songs

1st of all , let me say ..."I AM NOT A HOPELESS ROMANTIC"...

ok i done , thats is that ...

now ... in the misdt of helping compile a cd and doing the wedding slides for thier wedding , i got some frens to help out with the songs ...
* i dun ask for sappy love songs just for fun ok .... : )

and i feel in love with a few of them ... and am thinking of using some of them for future use ...

for example
wedding vows ... - the ice kacang song ( much thanks goes to shoe ... )
* vern actually called me mean for sending this song to him ... see i can be mean if i wanted too. am still learning to be mean and evil . still stuck in 'learning to be mean and evil 101

wedding dance ... - we will dance , steven curtis chapman ( shoe again , woo hoo )
* lovely song , lovely and sweet i tell u .

wedding march - if you could see what i see ( one of my old time pal use this song for his wedding )
* guys if u would sing this song for ur future wife as they walk it , i am pretty sure their hearts will melt or they will be laughing their way in.

theme song for the wedding - can't live a day without You , avalon . and never saw blue like this before .
* awww ... so beautiful i tell u , : )

but , stilll got to find place to put in my all time bestest song , We could be in love .

ok cannot think of anything to write anymore ...

oh wait there is another song , fikri sent ... jim brickman - Beautiful as you ... lovely song i tell u , lovely

ok now i am done

and finally

again may i say


jo khoo says i am in denial ... but i am not , NOT NOT NOT NOT


ha ha

ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ah

ha ah ha ha ah

ha ha ha ah

ha ha ha

ha ha


its no point running towards something
when u are running away from something else.

Monday, January 01, 2007


the new year is OVER-RATED

Guess who is in town ...

the ' jo i am going to kill you post ' 4

well i decided , since i am going to die and be killed , might as well finish it up lor ... hehe ...
the "jo i am going to kill you post" 3