Tuesday, June 20, 2006

U got tag
( instead of u got mail)

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do this survey.

1. Jacintha Tagal
2. Lih-Jien
3. SteamyShu aka Tan Ka Sut
4. Terminatress aka Joget
5. CannonWomen aka tem tem poo poo head
6. Electric Boy aka Boy TMY
7. The APE aka Eddie G
8. Ugly Lizard aka Meng Hong
9. Worm Gal aka Xin Lyn
10. Anna
11. Vern
12. Jarrayd
13. John
14. Ben
15. Nat
16. Clare
17. Meli
18. Janice
19. Ai Ping
20. Jane

How did u meet 14 ?
hmmm ... this happen a long long long time ago ... in a land far , far way ... haha only joking ... he is my cousin, how do u think i met him.

What would you do if you never met 1 ?
never met Jacintha ... hmmm... lets see .. then i wouldn't know that there is someone blurer then me ? haha .. only joking ... if i never met jacintha ... then there wouldn't be J cube , there would only be J Square , no J Cube ( that will be so sad)... and i wouldn'a have met someone that is so much more nicer, so much more sweeter than i can ever be ... i am truely bless . not to sure where i will be or wat i will do if i never met you jas .. .

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated ?
dunia akan terbalik man ... jane is my Hero and xin lyn is my worm gal ... goodness me ...

Did you ever like 19 ?
like Ai Ping ... i love her to bits . she and jane are my hero's. the people i look up to and respect.

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple ?
hmm ... i wouldn't know ... they never even met . Meli is my cousin , and she is in form 2 ... so do the maths .

Describe 3
Jazz freak . shoe lover . a percious fren.

Do you think 8 is attractive ?
hmmm... meng hong attractive .... yeah of course he is , not too sure why he kena the name the ugly lizard . MH , beautiful and wonderful , inside out. my "close the chat window patner in crime. haha ...

Tell me something about 7 .
the Ape ? ... there is nothing to say beside being the smoking ape . hehe ... a very nice chimp on the whole. a smart one too ... and if he does his work ON TIME ... he will do very well. haha ...

What's 18 favourite ?
bullying her older sis... which is me . haha ... hmmm wat does my sis like ... i really dun know. its funny , i know wat my frens like but i dun know wat my sis like ... well i have to find out during my time back in malacca.

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you ?
hahaha ... this is funny ... i will tell him , he got the wrong anna ... mine is with the JO in the front , not anna alone. and then i will say ... you won the Blur Sotong Award. hahah

Who is 9 going out with ?
good question ... let me find out and then ... i will NOT tell you . :)

How old is 16 now ?
clare is my cousin , she is 19 now .

When was the last time you talked to 13 ?
on friday in vern's place. the night before i left for malacca.

Who's 2 favourite band/singer ?
another good question ... i am not too sure ... well jien like the Shawn Colvin song i sent to him. well i shall ask him the necxt time i see him.

Would you date 4 ?
does going out for lunch , dinner and tea count ? man ... wat is a date again ?

Would you date 7 ?
and again that question ... what is a date , how do u define a date ? wat discourses are we looking at here ? which area ?

Is 15 single ?
Coconut = nat ... hmmm i m not too sure ... but i do know tat i miss him lots ... he gone back to be american boy. haha ...

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11 ?
hahaha ... there goes this question again... i am telling u , u got the wrong anna , i got JO in the front. haha serious frenship ( hmm not too sure if there is such a thing) haha ... but yeah ... vern makes a jolly good fren. very glad to hav known him.

Which school does 3 go to ?
the School of Life ? hehe Monash University Malaysia

Where does 6 live ?
somewhere , over the rainbow .... up , up and away ... hahah ... somewhere in subang i think.

Whats your favourite thing about 5 ?
her teasing me . kinda missing that here. too peaceful .

And i tag ...
the jokers reading this post that has not done the survey yet. and this means you , you , you and you ... and yeah , you la , u doink ....