Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"the best prove of love is trust"

joyce brothers

do you agree ?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

you got tag 4

(actually i didn't get tag ... i am just doing this for fun ... )

Layer ONE : On the Outside
Name : I am not too sure of this
Birthdate : Somewhere between 1st jan – 31st dec
Current Status : most prob would be alive or not its time for u to worry
Eye Color : Dark Brown

Hair Color : Black
Righty or Lefty : Right all the way
Zodiac Sign : not too sure as well

Layer TWO : On the Inside
Your heritage : well I think I am Chinese. And I am know I am Christian. The campur campur here and there , I am not too sure lor …
Your fears : if ice lemon tea suddenly cease to exist
Your weakness : not know how to say No ..
Your perfect pizza : … free ones …

Layer THREE : Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your first thoughts when waking up in the morning : … 5 more minutes please …
Your bedtime : is when I am suppose to go to sleep …
Your most missed memory : am wondering how u can miss memory , if u miss a memory it will not be a memory cos its already missed … so then it will not be a memory already cos it is forgotten.

Layer FOUR : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : ice lemon tea
Mcdonalds or Burger King : McDs.
Single or group dates : wat dates are we talking about now …
Adidas or Nike : Nike.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : ICE LEMON TEA … lipton also can , Nestea also can
Chocolate or Vanilla : Choco … but not choco ice cream
Cappucino or Coffee : ICE LEMON TEA

Layer FIVE
Do you smoke : of course I do …………………………….NOT
Curse : dun know any spells … wanna teach me some ?
Take a shower : u say le ?
Have a crush : currently I have on ICE LEMON TEA
Think you've been in love : : ) yeah
Go to school : I did …
Want to get married : I hope too
Believe in yourself : I think my frens have more faith in me than I have in myself
Think you're a health freak : I doubt it … ice lemon tea , coconut shake is too good not to take

Layer SIX : In the past month

Drank alcohol : Yuppers … last ppl I drank with was eddie and my cousin last week , a day before Youth Quake
Gone to the mall : yuppers , Christmas shopping
Been on stage : yuppers …
Eaten sushi : yuppers … going for it again end of this week for mom’s birthday
Dyed your hair : yuppers … a few times I think to cover up the white hair I have on the right side of my head… hehe

Layer SEVEN : Have you ever?
Played a stripping game : not yet.
Changed who you were to fit in : I agree with wat ‘superman says on this matter’ – “Whoever says no is lying. We fit into different things all the time whether we realize it or not.”

Layer EIGHT :
Age you're hoping to get married : somewhere between XX to XX …

Layer NINE : In a guy
Best eye colour : does it matter?
Best hair colour : does it matter?
Long or short hair : does it matter?

Layer TEN : What were you doing....
1 minute ago : i was thinking of how to answer “Changed who you were to fit in”
1 hour ago : I was in the zoo , looking for the exit
4.5 hours ago : In the zoo , looking for my long lost cousins
1 month ago : working a ass off
1 year ago : thinking of wat will happen a year from now

Layer ELEVEN : Finish the sentence
I feel : like I am on top of the world
I hate : you … NOT
I hide : all my ice lemon teas , away from ppl who wan to take it away from me
I miss : you
I need : Him