Friday, October 31, 2008

billie holiday

Hush now, dont explain
Just say youll remain
Im glad your back, dont explain

Quiet, dont explain
What is there to gain
Skip that lipstick
Dont explain

You know that I love you
And what endures
All my thoughts of you
For Im so completely yours

Cry to hear folks chatter
And I know you cheat
Right or wrong, dont matter
When youre with me, sweet

Hush now, dont explain
Youre my joy and pain
My lifes yours love
Dont explain

Thursday, October 30, 2008

a few things about college and uni

posted this up once ... this is a new place , new students ... and its still a "yeah right ! " : )

did this once in class , i think it was for int1020 , in the audio/visual room while watching a video ... : )

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i need to rant ...

needed to rant, so heres to a post that will have no coherent , no logic , no flow , no what so ever ... just things that needs to be out of this silly head of mine.

i have nothing much to offer, i really don't.

i am still the
stupidest, dumb dumbest idiot to ever walk this planet.

at times i wonder if my judgement of ppl is correct or not, at times i think i am correct at times i think i am so killer wrong. sigh ... i am beginning to think i am killer darn wrong ... i really wish i wasn't.

arghhhhhh ... screw it ... cannot write no more ...

bummer , bummer , bummer

i need to go to my secret place again ...

this is all i have, this is all i can give.

jsfj foisd[oif as dfo fsfd mjh daifs faodanfoaia f0=o asjfa fpifgps gakdighs dfapij fiapigj dsf[aisf pofja d[ifOJF SFJegf F[GJDg dspigdg dafjdf d[jfd fidsgdsDOGFUJFDSD GSDDFOG G][ODFP DFOIds gODSF fgidgp oDS'GODSG DogdHGOSDGJPSD0GIPDF F.

OK ... done ...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a blip 2 ( this is a post that will make no sense what so ever )

at times i think too much , and at time i dun think all. at times i see things in a way ppl dun see, and i times i dun see at all. and at times i can feel so much, and at times i dun feel at all.

and at times i can feel like the stupidest, dumb dumbest idiot to ever walk this planet and at times i am just an idiot. : )

am not too sure if u notice, tat every gesture , every action u make can be interpreted into something. even if you dun say it out loud, u are already communicating something. i have a bad habit of over-thinking stuff ... but i think at tis point of time, i am pretty sure, i am thinking the right thing. i could be wrong but i am not taking my chances.

well, i guess i have to do what i think is right.

its funny how some things can change so fast, morning afternoon , night can be totally different things. and how things change in months , or how things we are in the beginning and how things are at the end...

i hate change...

at times change is good, at time change is not , and at times i just dun know wat change is ...

sigh ...

ppl with brains on their backside should be shot dead ...

sir issac newton said , every action has an equal and opposite reaction ...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Goodbye , 再见 , selamat tinggal , adiós , 안녕 , さようなら, ...

good·byes o
r good-byes also good-bys
1. An acknowledgment at parting, especially by saying "goodbye."
2. An act of parting or leave-taking: many sad goodbyes.

they say, saying i am sorry is the hardest thing to do , but i beg to differ , to me saying goodbye is the hardest.

i've never been a big fan of saying goodbyes ... and its hardest if its to a loved one.
i reckon if u guys have been reading the letters below and all, u would briefly get the story and context of it all.

been looking at tis post for the longest time, thinking of wat to write and say.

i have been staring at this post and pondering on wat to write for the longest time, and i still have to no idea on wat to say and do.

so i am going to leave it blank