Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Real ME

Ever wondered if there was a real you ? what is the real you , who is the real you ? What's the deal with wat is real ? Is there really a real you ? Who is real ? or are we just people walking around with mask on our faces ?

i reckon there or many out there seching for the answer on who is the real u and and all , hence the invention of personality test. i reckon by this time and age ... you guys should know wat it is and all . there are tons out there and i am pretty sure at some point of time u might have taken a test or two. ( or maybe more )

What does the test really tell you ? Do they really tell you who u are ? do they define you ? or do they really just reinforce who you are ?

i don't really get wat is the big fuss or buzz about personality test , they don't really t ell me who i am nor do they tell me who i should be. They are just to tell me who i am.

so where do we go after we get the reinfocement what do we do with the information that we have and all ? does all the information gathered important ? does it really matter ?

what matters most ?

What matters most is really the " REAL ME" , the real you.

you matter most .

you are the one who knows who you really are , you are the one who knows yourself inside out , upside down.

you are the onw that whould define yourself.

NO personality rest can do it for you.

NO friend of yours can do it for you.

NO mirror can reflect who u are.

you define who you are ... you know who you are.

but that being said , we define ourselves , at times we debate inside ourselves too, on who we really are . we are confused people , ... well at least i am. i am not too sure who i am and all ?

but there is someone else who knows us inside out, upside down , and all around.

and this Person will knows everything about us , doesn't need any personallity test to tel HIM who we are and all.

and this person ...

despite all our flaws and broken parts here and there, still loves us for who we are.

despite all broken hearts we cause , Hestilll loves us.

despite us being an imperfect friend , He still loves us.

and He will love us no matter what.

and this matters most.

no matter who you are , He still loves u.

This matters most.

He knows ...


Monday, April 10, 2006


wht wll hppnd f thr wr n vwl n ths wrld ?

knw wht wll hpped?

f thr wr n vwls thn ...

"i" wldn't exst

...nw ...

an't "i" mprtnt?

ps: blame this on miss lime ... she started it.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


some one once told me, the best essay comes from the heart, the bestest thing , the bestest writings comes from the heart. and i know that person is telling the truth.

if u know me long enough , talk to me long enough, listen to me long enough or if u are in my KG (kentang goreng :TMY defination) ... hehe ... u will know that , most of the things i say and do, have something to do with the heart. and i simply love to use the word HEART during KG (cell group).

i am not sure why , i just do.

but at times, doing things from ur heart makes is vulnerable to be broken. and trust me , shit happens and it happens all of the time. hearts can be broken from time to time, and most of the time it takes a long time to heal.

but does is this a good enough reason not to make urself vulnerable? it is a good enough reason not to let ur heart be broken?

i keep telling myself , never ever to make the same mistake again, never let ur heart take control. but i do it anyway... and it gets broken at times.

but i reckon the joy u get when u let urself out, give urself out to love and to care for the people around u is simply a wonderful thing.

indeed at times , u are going to be hurt and all. u will be hurt.

but are u going to let the fear of being hurt stop u from loving and caring for others ?

i myself am confuse with all those questions...

many things i feel like just giving up and letting very thing go , but the feeling of letting go comes together witht he feeling of holding on.

holding on to wat is at hand, and cherishing wat is there. and mind u , its the hardest thing to do.

i find myself asking questions like , when is "enough is enough" , when is the right time to stop , is it right to stop, what is the right thing to do , am i doing it right , am i in trouble, did i do anything wrong ?

questions , upon question , upon questions.

questions without any answer.

i am the kind of person who needs answers, who needs to know things.

and if i dun , i tend to let my imagination go wild.

i am the kind of person who will think of the worst of things even if in actual fact , it is nothing.

i am the kind of person with all the question and without all the answers.

i am me.

nothing much to shout about.

nothing much to say about me

i am me, simple old me.

no talents, no fantastic brains, no nothing wat so ever.

i am me , and this is all i am.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Moment

this is the moment

the moment is here

what moment is this ?

this is the moment la

what is a moment ?

a moment is a moment la ... duh ...
(ask silly question ,... bodoh !!!)

how long is a moment ...

now that is a very good question ...

this is the moment

the moment is the moment when we make meaning. and by making meaning we exist.

we do not exist before we make meaning.

so this post is the moment, if you don't make sense of it , it means u don't make meaning.

and if you don't make meaning ...

you don't exist.

and if u don't exist ...

then u are not important.

and if u are not important , then i don't care.


ha ha

ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha ah

ah ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha

ha ha


this is a post

this post does not answer the question , how long is a moment cos a moment is a moment.

Now this is a real post

Monday, April 03, 2006

This is a post ...

the post is here

look, there is the post

gosh , there goes the post

goodness me , the post is now there

i need to find myself something better to do with my time ... ha .. like doing my assignment .

i should really really really really be doing my work ... but i really really really really dun wan to do it