Monday, February 02, 2009

i needed to rant ( random ramblings )

this post will make no sense what so ever, ... not that my othee post makes any sense also ... so wat ever la ... : )
i just needed to get things out of my system.

am suppose to finish writing an article but its not getting anywhere, got too much things on my head.

i have a friend leaving tmrw, and i don't think i have the chance to say goodbye face to face. i hope and i wish i could, but i dun think i can. wasn't to acting to pleasent the last time we met, was hoping to make things right. if only i could. if i could turn back time, i would. if i could make things right, i would surely try.

maybe is for the best that we didn't meet up cos i wouldn;t know wat to say and i am terrible in saying goodbyes. part of me would be happy if we didn;t meet up but another part of me would love to. aiyuh i am so confuse i also dun know wat i wan to do. maybe the part of me that wants to meet up is stronger, that is why i cannot sleep thinking of it. bummer ... argghhh .... i need my silly head to stop thinking la ...

my students tired helping me, but i dun think it worked. i hope it did not make matters worst.

so much work to do, i dun know where to start. there are tons of things i want to do but dun know where to start.

currently hooked on two songs ... eva cassidy - time is a healer , and take that circus ...

time is a healer ... hmm ... they say time heals all wounds ... am not too sure about tis. its debatable ... it depends on wat type of wound we are taking about.

my back still hurts , am trying not take painkillers again. but i dun wan wat happen the other day to happen again. arghhhh ... stupid back...,

there are tons more in my head. but i am just too lazy to type ...

free-flow writing is fun... no rules to it. just simply hentam wat u wanna say ... and wat is in ur head.

like i dun wan to go to work tmrw.

or , i wanna another hug jo, come see me kiddo , ya da , ya da , ya da ... i hope u recieve the envelope jo.

i am going to stop here, or not i will sound like a crazy women ...



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